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Crestview Photo Club (CPC) membership consists of many different levels of interest from advanced and professional photographers to beginners who have just picked up their first point and shoot camera. The club is maintained by a group of board members who vote and advocate for the club members. The club is not governed by any single authority but rather by votes and new ideas from its club members.

Club membership is opened to residents of Crestview and surrounding areas. There are no dues to attend CPC meetings. However, a customary donation of $2.00 per meeting per member is greatly appreciated. The donation bucket is a red bucket and usually sits on the end of the first table. The club holds meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month beginning at 6 pm at 701 E James Lee Blvd which is the building where the Knights of Columbus meet.

PO Box 1573 | Crestview, FL 32539